Meters and Switches for
Precision Flow Measurement

Meters and Switches for Precision Flow Measurement

The Leader in Precision Thermal Flow Meters and Switches for 30 years, Intek’s Rheotherm® flow instruments offer a unique solution for many liquid and gas flow applications. 

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Power Plant Instruments and Services

Monitors for Power Plant Condensers

Optimizing power plant condenser performance can save millions of dollars.  Intek's RheoVac® instruments and Condenser Design, Monitoring and Diagnostic Services will help you get the best possible performance from your condenser. 

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Technical Services

Power Plant Condenser Services Custom Process Measurements Aerospace Instruments & Payloads Vacuum Drying Monitoring

Intek engineers bring decades of experience to solving complex flow and engineering problems in many areas, including those listed above.

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Common Condenser Problems

Our Condenser Design & Engineering experts can help you with all your power plant condenser-related problems.